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Comprehensive Pension and Financial Services for Global Companies 


Pioneering Employee Benefits
and Financial Services in Israel

For more than two decades, Howden Napa has been an ever-evolving and pioneering company in the Employee Benefits sector in Israel, serving both global and local corporates.

Nowadays, Howden Napa serves hundreds of employers that include many hi-tech, pharma, startups, finance, and other top-paid employees.


Since it was founded in 2000, Howden Napa has stood out for its unique value proposition and business model in which employers pay a direct fee for their employees to get served by Howden Napa’s professional team.

Only many years later, the regulation in Israel decided to embrace this model and make it mandatory for all in the last years.


One-Stop-Shop Solution for Employee Benefits Management Napa strives to offer the ultimate One-Stop-Shop solution for a full range of services in the fields of pension, long-term savings, compensation & benefits, health insurance, tax refunds, mortgage advisory, and more. To ensure employers comply with regulations, Howden Napa provides comprehensive in-house end-to-end services including trust accounts, pension processing, healthcare insurance plans and risk insurance plans. Furthermore, with Howden Napa employers can offer their employees a full Employee Financial Wellness framework that includes:


  • Pension Planning and Optimization

  • Investments and Saving Plans

  • Health Insurance

  • Long Term Care

  • Tax Planning & Refund

  • Mortgage Advisory Services

  • Retirement Planning

Culture and Human Capital

Howden Napa is considered the White Gloves company as an outcome of its professional and motivated human capital and a strong managerial backbone. Howden Napa's exceptional retention rates and client feedback surveys demonstrate that their team is adept at providing excellent service to even the most exacting customers. The company is committed to creating a culture of excellence, integrity, and collaboration among its employees. Napa strives to create an environment where everyone feels respected and appreciated for their contributions.

Partnerships and Trust

Howden Napa's total commitment to the best interest of its customers, and its uncompromising professionalism, have earned its long-term relationships with all stakeholders: Howden Napa's employees, end customers, employers, partners, and insurance companies.


Innovation and Digital Transformation  

Howden Napa is dedicated to building its future by investing in innovation and digital transformation. We understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve and creating new technologies that make our services faster, more reliable, and more secure:

• The first in Israel to deploy Salesforce in the Employee Benefits segment

• Analytics - Big Data analysis that provides personalized insights & recommendations

• A dedicated information systems team that constantly develops billing, automation, BI, and digital journey toolbox for all internal operations and customer-facing needs.

Howden Napa is Trusted By:


Tel:         +972-3-6395040


Amot Insurance Tower, Menachem Begin 48 st. Tel Aviv, Israel 

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