Pansion Plan Management

NAPA is a market leader pension insurance agency that provides, international companies that operate in Israel, a One-Stop-Shop solution for a full range of services in the fields of pension, long-term savings, compensation & benefits, health,  tax, and more. 

We cover all aspects of the employee relationship required by regulations and also provide comprehensive insurance and financial services to the benefit of the employee:  

  • Pension Planning and Optimization 

  • Investment and Saving Plans 

  • Health Insurance 

  • Long Term Care 

  • Retirement 

  • Tax Planning


Employer Services:

We provide an end-to-end comprehensive service in all related pension and financial planning for both employer and employee. 
Planning and setting up pension plans and benefit baskets for the employee, pension payment processing to keep in compliance with labor laws and employee rights, and maintaining periodic meetings to optimize and increase performance.


 Customer Service Excellence


Native Speaking Team 

 pension, health, financial investment,  plan management, health insurance, 

services in the management of pension, insurance and financial plans, as well as in other fields.

Comprehensive Pension and Financial Services for Global Companies 

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